3voor12 about “Laundry”:

 “Duroc has created a very beautiful pop song, containing an interesting mix of influences but above all a verse of great beauty.” 

3voor12 about Duroc on Eurosonic 2016:

“The band puts on real nice show, with up cheering, but profound sounds. Duroc gets you on a roller-coaster ride, on which the cart slowly reaches the top, and then ensues the trip with great speed.” “Repertoire of distinguishing songs.”  


Well-crafted pop songs which brake down the borders between the dream world and reality. Mix influences from the eighties new wave period with nowadays indie bands and out comes the typical Duroc sound. 


In collaboration with producer Matthijs Herder (The Black Atlantic, The Horse Company, Orange Skyline) they managed to catch this great sound and to put it at the base of their brand new EP ‘Let the waitress decide.’ The release followed in December 2015 and afterwards they found a second guitar player to join them in performing the songs live. In the summer of 2015 they held the follow up recording sessions, and on the first of November the single “Laundry” was released. This was celebrated with a show in VERA Groningen, together with the band DMA’s. On the first of January 2016 the next single “On Fire” was released, as a seasoning for their following shows on the Eurosonic festival 2016. Duroc perfomances at that festival were a great success, as shown by the quotes from the review of 3voor12. And in the meanwhile “On Fire” reached number 1 position in the IndieChart by IndieXL.


So, got interested? Just take a moment to listen and you will get carried away in this wonder world of crystal clear guitar sounds en catchy melodies. 


Vocals/guitar: Robert ten Caat

Vocals/bass: Yde Blaauw

Guitar: Willem Bos

Drums: Janco Klijnstra

Some Duroc Highlights:


  • Eurosonic festival 2016, Groningen.
  • Single release “Laundry” and support “DMA’s” Vera, Groningen.
  • Support “Bewilder” poppodium Apollo, Emmen.
  • Support “The Faint” Melkweg, Amsterdam.
  • Support “Blood Red Shoes” Vera, Groningen.
  • Support Spooner, Punt 1, Leek.
  • Support The Hospital Bombers in Simplon, Groningen.
  • Support The 925's in Het Kasteel, Alphen a/d/ Rijn. 
  • Vlieludiek festival on the isle of Vlieland.


  • “On Fire” number 1 position IndieChart of IndieXL and Free40.
  • “All This Time” in top 5 of the IndieChart of IndieXL and Free40.
  • Live at National Radio station 3FM, Anti-Roos.
  • Live at National Radio station 3FM, Sander Guis.
  • Airplay and live on KINKFM, Dutch Delight with Stacey Rookhuizen.


  • Single release “Laundry” in Vera, Groningen.
  • Single release “on Fire.”
  • EP release “Let the Waitress Decide”
  • EP release "Since You've Been Around" in Simplon, Groningen.
  • EP release "Place Duroc" in Simplon, Groningen.
  • September selected for the Eurosonic compilation cd "Slag van Groverpop."

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